Top-5 Trends Shaping Online Gambling Today

    Today, online gambling is experiencing the period of its ascension: more and more virtual casinos, online sports betting portals and other virtual venues for gambling emerge. At the same time, more players tend to make wagers on the Internet. As online gambling market grows and expands, it attracts the attention of deal-makers and investors that are interested in the development of the most profitable and promising industries.
    Lately, numerous researches were conducted to satisfy the curiosity of deal-makers and to define the level of gambling market development. For instance, Technavio, one of the most reputable companies that conduct researches on global technologies, presented its report on worldwide gambling market and outlined trends that are expected to influence and shape the market till 2020. Hence, the following tendencies are already being observed:
    • The number of female gamblers grows
    Recently, young women under the age of 35 tend to participate in online gambling actively. Thus, in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom female players constitute 40-49%, as of 2015. The number of women interested in making bets on the Internet grows worldwide and, hence, the overall number of gamblers increases.
    • Gamblers tend to use international cards
    Due to the legal issues, not all the countries treat online gambling positively. It means that citizens of certain states are, supposedly, deprived of the opportunity to wager online. However, with the help of international credit and debit cards they can easily make bets at foreign gambling portals and receive their prizes.
    • Consumer habits of gambler change
    Development of mobile applications lets gamblers play whenever and wherever they want. In addition, players are interested not only in gambling itself but also in the opportunity to compete with other gamblers in tournaments and contest. Also, gamblers expect to get an access to the demo versions of games for free: they are ready to pay only for the advanced options.
    • New opportunities to cash prize money
    Instead of virtual transactions and payments in cash, gambling portals offer their visitors an opportunity to use their prizes to make bets in other games available.
    • Implementation of new marketing strategies
    Although the most common way of promoting online gambling is via email, today vendors try to communicate with their current and potential clients via social media and to implement the personalized approach.

    The Future of Online Gambling

    The recent trends show that online gambling market will strengthen its positions and keep on expanding. As the overall number of players keeps on growing, vendors of gambling services have no reasons to worry that their businesses would suddenly stop bringing them revenues. Even the tendency to offer games for free is not expected to harm online gambling: players do not leave the portals – they are simply willing to pay for different services than they used to pay before.
    Also, legal issues should not distress online gambling providers. So far more than 85 countries worldwide have already legalized online gambling and it might be expected that more states would change their attitude towards games of chance and would mitigate laws considering gambling. Nevertheless, today, players have enough opportunities to circumvent the law of the country they live in – online portals pay no attention to the country of a player’s residence and deprive no one of gambling experience on the basis of their citizenship.
    So, online gambling does not seem to face any hard times or difficulties in the observable future. Moreover, it seems to be able to overcome the obstacles that still exist and to provide gamblers with more exciting and personalized experiences.

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